Warning Forever

Warning Forever

Shoot or get shot in this arcade style classic


  • Great sound effects
  • Satisfying explosions


  • Gets too hard after a while
  • Graphics don't vary much

Warning Forever is an impressive arcade style shoot-em up which manages to stay challenging whilst not getting too boring. Your aim is to shoot down the enemy mothership which sails through the universe blowing-up everything in it's path. Once destroyed, you meet a bigger enemy on the next level and so-on until your ship is eventually destroyed.

As you progess level by level, the ship increases it's number of arms, it's speed and it's armour becomes stronger. Your main problem is cannonfire from the mothership although there are also obstacles such as meteors and planets to avoid. What you really notice with this game are the sound and visual effects which are really explosive for such a tiny game. However, once you've gone through 5 or 6 levels, it really get's a bit too hard and you'll have to spend a fair few hours on this to complete it. It's great for releasing stress anyway!

Warning Forever is a vertical scrolling game in classic arcade style. In this game, ther's only you and the enemy ship to defeat. The more you beat the enemy, the stronger your ship becomes but your enemy also gets bigger.

Beat the enemy or get beaten by the clock in great aracde style shoot-em-up

Warning Forever


Warning Forever

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